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Natural Lighting On The Couch
Nataly Brown Holding On To The Couch
Angel Smalls Has A Rough Session On The Casting Couch
Adorable Janice Gets A Hard Pounding.
... -Hey. Audrey there? -Audrey? There's no Audrey here. -Ah, crap, I'm sorry. Is this (reads number)? -Yeah. I think you dialled wrong. -No, I'm looking at my phone; that's what it says I pressed. -Well, I can't help you. Sorry. -You possibly could... -Oh really? -What are you wearing? -What? -What are you wearing? -A blouse, a skirt... -You alone? -What are you asking me? -Are you alone? -Right now, yes. -Wanna see if I can make you feel dirty? -What? I'm hanging up now... -No you're not. Stop lying. Let's get each other off. -You have the wrong number; I have to go now. -Come on, play with me; you never fucked anyone over the phone before? -No. -It's time you did. You sound sexy, that low voice, the way you breathe. -I don't... -Don't what? -I don't know how to... -How to do what, baby? Come on, give it a try. A stranger on the phone, that's all I am. -I'm married. -So am I. So what? -So everything. -When will he be home? -Later tonight. -Then you'll have a dirty secret to tell him about. -Its' not like that between us. -Then you'll have a dirty secret for you. Admit it; you're getting wet already. -I don't want to... -It's not cheating; it's glorified masturbation. -I'm standing in my kitchen. -Then go some place where you can sit down, lie back. -Okay... I'm in the living room now. -Are you sitting down? -Yeah. -Lie down if you can. -I'm lying on my couch. -Where are your hands? -I'm holding the phone and the other is on my belly. -Put it on your breast. -Okay. -How are you feeling? -Kinda weird, but okay. -Are you feeling horny yet? -A little. Are you? -Baby... my cock is the size of Long Island right now. -Oh my god. -Tell me again what you are wearing. -A cotton blouse- -What colour is it? -Ivory, long-sleeved. -Are you wearing a bar? -Yes. -Tell me about it. -It's white, the cups are made of lace. -Can you feel the lace against your nipples? -Yes. -Do you like how that feels? -Yes. -Tell me about the rest. -I'm wearing a long cotton skirt and panties. -What colour? -The skirt is black and pencil-cut. My underwear is white. -Your panties, do they match your bra? -I guess so, yeah. -Can you feel the material of them running between your legs. -Yes. -Are your eyes closed. -Yes. -Good. Keep them closed while you stroke your hand over your nipple. Imagine that it's my hand. -Oh god, okay. -Slowly undo your blouse and slip your hand inside. Tell me what you're doing. -I'm undoing the first button on my blouse. Now the second... and the third. My hand is under the material and on my breast. -Whose hand? -Your hand... -Undo your blouse, all the way and pull it open. Get those pretty tits out for me. Tell me what you're doing. -Oh god, okay. I'm... I have to pull my blouse out of my skirt, I have to arch my back- -Good. That's fucking good. Carry on, show me what you've got, baby, show me those big tits. -Okay, the blouse is open now. My hand -- your hand -- is stroking from one breast to the other. -Pinch your nipples. I want you moaning because you're doing it so hard. Tell me... -(light moaning) I'm slipping my hand under my bra; my nipple is hard... I'm (moaning louder)... my finger and my thumb... I pinch it and twist it. -Oh yeah, you like that. Moan some more for me, you dirty bitch. Pinch the other one now. -Oh my god! I'm pinching it really hard... (breathing and moaning) -Pull the cups of your bra down under those tits so your nipples are out. -(She groans) -That's it, that's my good girl. Can you imagine my mouth on your tits? Can you feel me biting and sucking on your nipples? -Yeah... -You like that thought? You've never met me, but you like thinking of my mouth hot on your tits. You're so fucking dirty. -Oh God. -Tell me what you want. -I want to touch myself. I want you to keep talking. -You can't touch yourself yet; you're not naked enough. Keep your bra on and unfasten your skirt. -(She groans) It's hard to reach. I have to raise my hips to find the zip. -Then raise your fucking hips. I want that skirt off you now. -I'm sliding it off, it's around my knees... I'm lifting my legs and dropping it on the floor. -I can just imagine you, bra pulled under your tits, panties wet, lying on your couch wanting to touch yourself. You're a dirty slut. -(She moans again) I do want to. -You do want to what? Tell me. -I want to touch myself. -You want to finger your pussy? -(Whispering and breathing) Yes. I want to finger my pussy. -Tell me what you are. -I'm a dirty slut. -That's fucking right. And who's dirty slut are you? -I'm yours. -My what? -I'm your dirty slut. -You fucking know it. Put your phone close to your mouth and suck on one of your fingers. -(A soft, licking sound) -That's good. Baby, you're making my dick ache. Spread your legs wide for me, like I'm standing between them with my cock in my hand. Then take that wet finger out of your mouth and play with your ass hole with it. -(She moans) -Do it, I want that finger, that wet finger, all over your ass. I want you thinking it's my finger. -Oh god... -Where is it now? -It's.. oh... -Tell me, or I'll hang up. -No! It's there... -Where? -My finger, it's playing with my ass. -You ever touched yourself there before? -No. -How does it feel? -Good. -You want to poke it inside a little? -Yes. -Then do that. Put your wet finger into your ass and turn it from side to side a little. You like that? -(She gives a long, sharp moan) -You're such a noisy girl, you must really like fingering your ass. You just say like that for a while, moaning into my ear while I start to stroke my cock. You should see it; it's real big and hard. I'd love to fuck your face with it, just stick it into your mouth and hold your head still while I fuck you. You'd like that, I bet. -Yeah... (panting) -Now I want you to slip the crotch of your panties to one side of your pussy. Imagine I want you so bad I'm not gonna wait for you to take them off. Open your legs real wide, as far as you can. -I'm so wet... -I bet you are. How' that pussy feeling? Like you wanna come, I'll bet? -It's wet, and the air is making... making it feel cold. -I'll bet. I can just imagine you, your legs thrown wide open, your pussy wet and shiny, your big tits and your hard nipples moving as you breath. I'll put my head right there and just smell you. I'd put my nose right over that wet cunt of yours and breathe in your smell. -(She moans) -Touch your clit. Stroke it just once, really slow and gentle. Imagine it's the tip of my nose as I lean down and sniff your cunt like a dog. -(Louder moaning) -You need to talk more, tell me what you're imagining; tell me what dirty bitch things are in your mind. -You're sniffing me... your touching me... My pussy is so wet... -I'm going to rub your clit with my nose and get your smell all over it. I want to smell your pussy while I stroke my cock and look at your pussy. Is it hairy? Are you shaved? -No... -A nice hairy bush on a dirty wet cunt. I'd stroke my dick over your hair and rub it against your clit. Would you like that? -Yeah... yeah I really would. -Slide a finger into your pussy, right in there. Think of me watching you and fuck that cunt with a finger. Put the phone right next to your pussy so I can hear your finger go in and out. -(Wet, sucking sounds for a long moment) -You fucking whore, you don't even know my name and you're letting me listen to you finger yourself. Tell me what you are. -I'm a dirty fucking whore... (she pants) -You can't stop now, can you? -No. I don't want to stop. -Then finger yourself, baby. Rub that pink clit for me while I fuck my hand and think of shooting over your tits. -(Heavier panting and louder moaning) -Yeah, you filthy slut, you want my cum all over those big tits, I bet. You want me to get myself off over you and rub it over your tits and your face. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine me rubbing my big dick over your face? -Yeah... I wanna press my tits around you... -You want to tit-fuck me? Say it. Tell me. -I want to tit-fuck you. -And when I cum? -I want you to cum over my tits and in my mouth. -I know you do; you're a nasty girl. How's that pussy doing? -So wet... I'm getting closer. -You going to cum soon? All this talk of what I'm going to do with my big cock turning you on? You like this shit? -Oh yeah, I like it. I want to suck on your big cock. -Yeah? I'd make you suck it hard and take it deep; my balls slapping against your chin. I'd pin your hands by your head and fuck you while you lay on that couch, your wet pussy loving what I'm doing to your mouth. Oh, you dirty girl, I'm getting ready to cum. -I'm close... I'm (Words turn into moans with every breath) -Bet you fucking are; hold your phone with your shoulder; I want you to finger your ass while you touch yourself. -(sounds of the phone being moved around; persistent moaning) -Imagine, my dick in your mouth while you touch yourself like this. You wanna fucking come now, don't you? Tell me you want to cum. -I want to cum. Fuck, I really want to cum. -Then cum for me... oh christ... oh yeah... (He begins to moan sharply) -Did you..? Oh God... (short, sharp pants, then a long, growling moan) -(Out of breath) Yeah... you dirty little bitch, you made me cum so hard. You better be thinking of licking my balls clean... -(Erratic breathing and groaning. Sounds of the phone being dropped) -(He laughs breathlessly) -(Silence, then sounds of her panting) -You back with me? -Yeah (A short laugh). Dropped the phone. -Have you stopped touching yourself? -I came... -Stroke your clit again, really softly. -(She gives a short groan) -Yeah, play around with that shit, baby. -(More moaning) -(He sighs, listening and catching his breath) -(She makes more short, low moans and then gives a low laugh) -What? -You were right. -Yeah? What about? -I would like this. -(He chuckles) I know you better than anyone. -I know. -Be home same time as ever. You better be ready for some proper fucking. -(she laughs) I love you. -I love you, too. -See you later on. -Yeah. Bye for now -(click) ... 1 page(s) long
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