Welcome to BetterFap Beta 4

What's New

You can check out BetterFap Beta 4 here.

There have been so many changes that it is hard to enumerate over all of them, so I'll just give a quick overview.

For Everyone

  • Sparks - Sparks are shareable curated lists. We use the data from your Sparks to make better recommendations to you. Look for the [*] icon to spark something.
  • Subscriptions/Feeds - You can now subscribe to anything. That includes searches, tags, subreddits, sparks, similar items, etc.
  • New recommenders - We have two recommenders; one that optimizes for recency and one that optimizes for happiness.
  • "Add Content" button - See that [+] button? Click it to add new content from one of our supported sources (gaytube, hentai-foundry, litrotica, redtube, pornhub, soundgasm, xhamster, xtube, xvideos, youporn, and gfycat)
  • Erotica and Audio (testing) - We now support them. Litrotica is our first erotica source. Soundgasm is our first Audio source. Come tell us what other sources we should add.
  • "Why?" - Instead of a single percentage, we now let you query our recommenders and find out why you were recommended something
  • Sandboxing - We now go out of our way to sandbox and attempt to make it so you can view content without worrying about malware.
  • HTTPS API/Login - Our login and APIs are now 100% SSL and secure.
  • Focus on WatchLater - While you're browsing or viewing, add things to your watch layer queue (bookmark icon). When you're ready, click the [] in the bottom right icon to start viewing your list.
  • AutoLogin - Go to your 'Profile', choose 'Account' and generate an autologin bookmark.
  • Info Cards - Now get information about the page that you're on and how to use it.
  • Thumb-down from list - It can be found under the vertical ellipsis [] on the top right of a content card.
  • Context-sensitive content cards - When you're in Spark, you can un/re-Spark. When you're in Favorites, you can un/re-favorite.
  • New Settings
    • Default resize settings - Allows you to always set a resize default for view
    • Content layout defaults - Choose tall or wide thumbs
    • Remove from WatchLater Timeout - When you're viewing something, don't immediately remove it from WatchLater.
  • Help Icon - All the help you need, located in a single icon :) Look for the [?] icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Desktop Only

  • New Layout - We've got a completely new desktop layout that groups similar buttons together
  • Keyboard shortcuts in View - New keyboard shortcuts for View and Spark. Arrow keys and enter now work.
  • Voice command support (testing) - Want to be completely hands-free? Want to control BetterFap by your microphone? Hit 'v' while viewing something. There are ~30 voice commands.
  • Gamepad support (testing) - Use your gamepad to browse the site. Currently only X-Box controllers have been tested. We'd love your feedback on this.

Mobile Only

  • New Layout - We've got a completely new mobile layout that optimizes for one-hand usage.
  • New Mobile-only settings
    • Left/Right hand sided buttons on view
    • Tall or wide-style thumbnails - Allows you to have 1 or 2 column views.

That's all?

There is so so so much more. Check out previous blog posts to get a better idea of what we've added.

Want to comment on, ask a question about, or generally give us feedback about beta 4? Come post in this thread.