BetterFap Updates for September 2016

It's been a while! Development has slowed over the last month and half because of more backend issues that we've been working on.

So, let's get to the updates!

Hands-free mode (Beta 4 only)

Note: This feature only work for images and gifs. It doesn't work for videos. This feature only works on the latest version of Chrome

While viewing an image or a gif, hit the 'v' button. This will enable hands-free mode. It's still buggy as hell, but a fun little toy. It supports over 30 commands, from things like "next", "like", and "favorite" to words like "why" and "similar".

The text-to-speech functionality on betterfap is 100% client side. It uses your microphone to do voice recognition, but all of the processing is done in your browser and nothing is recorded or sent to the server.

Recommendations and classifications

We've been working with some deep learning frameworks to try to do better gender classification. Right now we're at ~68% accuracy with our current model, but we believe that our initial training set has too many miscategorized genders to get higher levels of accuracy. We're going to launch a 'what gender is this' tool soon so you can help us with having an accurate training set to see if we can generate an even better model.

We've updated our A:MA recommender. We're still not satisfied with the results, but they are better than they were before. Right now the like to dislike ratio is on par with Beat 3.

We've removed "Surprising" for now. Unfortunately we can't get the quality we want right now. Surprising will make an appearance again in a later beta.

New Subs

We added /r/netorare, /r/jennyscordamaglia/, and /r/ShaeSummers

We also fixed our reddit ingestor. It seems that some subs weren't getting pulled in sometimes.

We've also got a new choosing algorithm for what content to pick for reddit, so hopefully you start seeing more of the stuff you like.

Random timeouts and speedups

We've seen people complaining about random timeouts. We've finally tracked this issue down. It turned out that it had to do with socket reuse on our cache backend. We're still unsure what triggers the issue, but some requests just hang.

We've refactored Roulette so you should have much better results much faster.

Searches are a bit faster now.

Beta4 Only - Searches are much much faster. We've restructured our data to allow much faster and more accurate tag searches. We've also fixed 2-letter tax searches (like HD)


Beta 4 Only - Search result quality should be much better.


We've replaced our "popular" algorithm with one that picks more liked content. Go check it out!

Beta 4

Here's a quick rundown of the most recent patches

  • Name the info cards nicer
  • Fix subscribe tab flushing
  • Show a message on Feeds tab when you haven't subscribed to anything
  • Fix some image loading issues
  • Fix random roulette
  • Fix Feed result ordering
  • Remove "viewed" items from feeds
  • Remove "Representative" recommendations
  • Completely remove old Popular algorithm
  • Fix search result "viewed" filtering
  • Fix sorting
  • Fix tab wide/tall layouts
  • Tons of work on the ingestion apis
  • Fix some iPad layout issues
  • Fix some tooltip positioning issues

We're still primed to release Beta 4, but we're waiting for a time when we're all free so we've able to the handle any errors that crop up post-release.