BetterFap Beta 5 is GO!

BetterFap Beta 5

After six months of hard work, we've finally releasing BetterFap Beta 5. We've got so much good stuff in this release that we want to tell you about. Major features include Pivot, Sharing/Messaging - Tagging, Security/SSL, Profile changes, and a ton of other stuff. It's pretty much every major feature you've asked for over the last two years.


One of your favorite new features is Pivot. Instead of viewing items in the list, which are usually a diverse set of results, you can now Pivot on an item that you really like and start a theme!

When you click on Pivot, it will start showing you content that's similar to the content you pivoted from. As you're viewing the content in your Pivot list, you can Pivot again and further refine the theme that you want to view.

If you want a more technical way to think about it. Your normal results list are the breadth of results. Pivoting allows you to see the depth.



You can now follow people! When they follow you back, you can share with them, message them, view any pages they have made public.

You can follow users that have made public sparks or by searching for a /u/ prefixed username (ex. /u/USERNAME)

Sharing Content

If you're following someone and they are following you, you can share stuff with them. You can even share to multiple people and create a group.

You can share from the list view by clicking on ... and choosing the user icon. You can share from the content view by clicking on the share icon in the top bar (desktop) or the side bar (mobile/full screen).

Once you've created a group, you can continue to share to that group in the future. You can even be invited to other people's groups.

Sharing isn't just limited to content. You can also share sparks.


You can find your messages under the Circles/Messages submenu.

If you have any unread messages, you'll see the envelope icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen that lets you read the next unread message.

If you click on a link in a message, the message stays on your screen as it loads the content in the background. You can minimize the message to view the content, and maximize it (by clicking on the envelope in the bottom right hand corner) to reply to the message.


Tags and Tagging

You can now rate tags. Tags with enough down-votes get automatically removed from the content, so start down-voting those bad tags.

You can also add new tags. When you upvote or add tags, they are automatically added to lists with that tag name.

You can find the automatically created lists of tags that you have upvoted and added under My Stuff/Tags

Finally, when you submit content you can now add tags to your submission so other people can find it.


We now have a dedicated tab for all of the content you've submitted to BetterFap. You can find it under MyStuff/Submissions


Are you upset that those mobile and tablet users get an interface-free fullscreen mode? Well, today is your lucky day! We've added the ability to enter fullscreen mode on desktop browsers. Fullscreen mode looks like the mobile layout, but it keeps all of the shortcuts and hotkeys you've come to love.



We at BetterFap believe in security and privacy. Although we've always had SSL support, it was an opt-in optional feature. We've decide to move everyone to SSL, so henceforth BetterFap is now 100% SSL. May you ever privately browse porn.


Wildcard Tag Blocking

Tired of blocking foo, foos, foobar, and foobars? Well, now you can just block foo* and block all foo-related tags.


We've brought back the stats page, bigger and better than ever. We've taken this a step further and now let you put your stats on your public profile, if you so choose.

Public Profiles

You can now create your own public profiles with markdown.

Everything Else

There are so many new things that we can't even list them all. Here are a few more things we've added in this release

  • Added an Autofap timer (Profile/Settings)
  • Recommendation pruning options (Profile/Recs)
  • Rebuild your recommendations (Profile/Recs)
  • New follow interface (Profile/Circles)
  • New auto-sizing logic (Profile/Settings)
  • New control positioning (Profile/Settings)
  • Named joystick support (Profile/Settings)
  • New "We Think You'll Like This" banners
  • New Flag menu + options
  • New FlagMod interface
  • Content de-duper and interface for mods
  • Performance - back/forward much faster
  • List truncation on back/forward
  • Sharing under the ... list
  • BetterFap is now stateful! If you open content in a new tab, it will remember what tab you were on and what message you had open.
  • Holdable buttons (click-and-hold on next or spark)
  • New Tab changer in view (has icon and short text)
  • Fixed a bunch of search features
  • Better recommendations
  • New recommendation methods
  • Cleaned up a ton of bugs
  • ... and so much more!